MG01 Magnetic


    MG01 Magnetic Floor is an effective and fast installation system.

    The attractiveness of the magnetic base allows static support on the tiles.

    Exclusive metal finishes, natural or with design textures, exalt the metropolitan environments.

    Research and innovation combined with industrial know-how originate Planium surfaces, creating unique Floors and Wall coverings.

    All floor or wall Systems have an INNOVATIVE, FUNCTIONAL and RENEWABLE DESIGN. They allow fast dry installations, respecting the environment, with simple laying or with patented mechanical or one-click hooks between tile and tile, or also traditional installations with glue.

    Each tile is made of QUALITY materials. Their design was created to be functional, eco-friendly and sophisticated. Their millimeter thickness makes them lighter and easier to handle, even if they have a large size.



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  • MG01 Magnetic

    MG01 Magnetic

  • MG01 Magnetic

    MG01 Magnetic

  • MG01 Magnetic

    MG01 Magnetic

  • MG01 Magnetic

    MG01 Magnetic

  • Oakley and Ray-Ban

    In the heart of Milan and Turin for the Oakley areas and in Rome for the Ray-Ban exhibition, inside the Salmoiraghi&Viganò shooroom, MG01 MAGNETIC FLOOR was chosen, that goes well with the innovative and functional style of the renowned Oakley brand and the everlasting Ray-Ban design. The CALAMINE tiles, in the 600x1,200 mm size, were laid quickly, thanks to the practical magnetic system that gives the name to our floor. The Calamine nuance fades from the dark anthracite, to the lighter tones of a blue that hints at the cerulean and magenta, delimiting the exhibition space with character.

  • Astep ApS Exhibition Booth

    Euroluce is the biennial exhibition that presents the most cutting-edge solutions in the field of indoor and outdoor lighting. With the last edition, the 30th, the trade fair was confirmed as an international reference point of the sector. Astep, an Italian-Danish reality of absolute prestige, is among the best brands and designers of the trade show.Astep combines experience, the future-oriented perspective and the passion for lighting design that has been cultivated in the Sarfatti family for three generations with knowledge and an open mind in a continuous search for meaningful substance and design. In this world of splendid creations, Planium adds the ideal exhibition space. MG01 MAGNETIC Floor is the most effective installation system: the attraction of the magnetic substrate allows a static tile support.With a quick and essy installation, the plates of our flooring system are placed on the surface to be covered. The millimeter thickness allows to handle every single element with agility and precision. The exclusive CALAMINE finish enhances the space. The tones range from carchoal gray to blue, with fast copper flames. Each plate, size 620x2.480 mm for a total of about 100 m², is unique and unrepeatable, with the typical properties of hot-worked metal. In just a few hours, the perfect location can be set up to welcome clients and visitors. Planium provides immediately walkable floors, comfort and resistance to transit. To complete the elegant surface, profiles have been specially designed to finish the project. The tiles, at the end of the event, can be removed and assigned to a different location: their use and repositioning is infinite.   The Astep lamps VV Cinquanta, Model 2065, Nox are produced by Terenzi Srl.  

  • Agostini Museum

    Planium has contributed to the realization of this historic place by making particular structural ideas concrete: the floor, the false ceiling, the wall paneling and the word "AGO", nom de guerre of the most successful rider of all time. "Motorcycles were born in a workshop and therefore we conceived the contents of the Museum, of mechanics and not, enclosed as if it were in a Cartier box." Thus Giacomo Agostini, who inaugurated his personal Museum in Bergamo in December 2019, explains how the structural idea of this Trophy Hall was designed together with the Giavarini Studio - Architectura e Design.  "Metal" - says Architect Giavarini, "is extremely versatile. As you can see by observing the room, it has been used in numerous ways and covers practically all visible surfaces". STAINLESS CONCRETE, the Planium finish chosen for the floor, was laid using the MG01 MAGNETIC system; this Steel is characterized by a particular texture that refers color to the cement, from which it takes its name. The design core of the whole lies in the evocation of an industrial style, that recalls the motorcycle environment, and therefore with the floor in the same way this process was followed with regard to the choice of the false ceiling, made by Planium with the use of perforated sheet for aesthetic purposes. "The idea", continues architect Giavarini, "was to make a formal and rigorous trophy hall coexist with an environment that recalled the world of racing of the past, similar to a workshop, where interventions on motorcycles were much more direct than today, after the arrival of electronics." The walls of the exhibition hall are characterized by the equipped boiseries that cover the entire perimeter of the museum, created always after a drawing by Studio Giavarini in collaboration with Falegnameria F.lli Gotti. The Planium design area was responsible for creating the aesthetic finish and reinforcement brackets, while Falegnameria has created the internal core of the panels. The galvanized steel paneling has been shaped, cut and folded so as to create a sort of "sandwich" with the core and the brackets and then liquid red painted. Regarding the word AGO, placed in the center of the Trophies Hall, it is made up of aluminum letters, 10 mm thick, cut with bent laser fiber and then liquid painted to obtain a bright red color, which matches the chromatic details of the bikes in the museum and the wall paneling.  

  • ABA Arredamenti

    ABA Arredamenti Spa of Arezzo was the protagonist at the SIGEP fair in Rimini some time ago. The Tuscan company is a leader in the Catering furniture: its participation in the professional appointmentdedicated to the sector is natural. Planium supplied 120 m² of CALAMINE, laid on the floor through the MG01 MAGNETIC FLOOR system. The exhibition space, dominated externally by the blue and orange colors, was therefore characterized internally by the two symbol products of Planium, those which this years have distinguished it more: the fascinating and ferritic Calamina, with a dark color tending to anthracite and with indefinite streaks, and the MG01 Magnetic Floor laying system, which allows a quick and dry installation by laying the underlying magnetic PVC.    

  • N@T Natural Touch

    Between August and September of 2020, in the city of Piacenza Planium realized the idea of creating a shop of beauty products using the properties and potential of CALAMINE, an oxide born from the hot rolling of the steel, that owns enviable chromatic shades. Air Force Blue, Anthracite Gray, even Magenta Red are among its colors, with a very dark overall predominance that gives a "nocturnal" connotation to the whole. For this project, Calamine was installed both on the floor and as a wall covering, creating a truly remarkable optical effect with this double choice. Architect Micaela Pisaroni is responsible for the architectural project; it is a total of 40 m² at 142, Corso Vittorio Emanuele. For the installation it is essential to specify that two different systems have been used; Calamine has been installed on the floor with MG01 MAGNETIC Floor, a totally dry magnetic system that allows a great saving of time due to its speed and allows it to be installed even on pre-existing floors; on the wall, on the other hand, the metal with multiple streaks was laid with AC02 STICK-ON, to allow an unusual and in some ways original use of the Calamine wall. The choice of Calamine does not seem random at all: it is in fact a texture that perfectly matches the Interior context that is created in the salon, so much so that at a glance a superb contrast dominates between its shadowy tones and those " sparkling” ones of the wall lights that pass through the cuts with a rigorous geometric connotation. "The project stems from the desire to transform the small architectural volume" - writes Arch. Michela Pisaroni - "with its essential and rigorous shape, into an elegant container in which the leitmotiv of black&white contaminates all the architectural and furnishing elements, specially designed for N@T.The use of natural materials, metal, wood, lava stone and glass, binds the various elements, with a game of references to the theme of essentiality and simplicity, which, quoting Coco Chanel, is always synonymous with elegance." The Calamine slabs are 300x1,200x2 mm in size; after being laid, Calamine has been waxed: this allows the flooring to be more durable and resistant even to any external atmospheric phenomena, therefore a strong tendency towards preservation, and on an aesthetic level this treatment gives the color more strength and more shine. The scenic effect is truly captivating.

  • Design Week 2022

    Metal-morphosis is the collection of a unique series of artistic plates in copper, brass, calamine, oxidized steel with infinite and sometimes indefinite colors, with textures in which inspirations, emotions, meanings converge: works of art. At Design Week 2022, the Water concept of the dOT in Brera was interpreted by Planium through the tactile and sensory characteristics that metal generates with its synaesthetic references, like a liquid (like water). From a scenographic point of view, there were two pillars of the exhibition, which distinguished the brand among the various installations. By Maurizio Galante and Tal Lancman the design of the lunar gallery paved and clad in oxidized Stainless Steel inspired by selenic cartography has given great charm, making it a real perspective scenario, but also of transit. With its chromatic nuances in shades of gray, this “precious casket” has left subjective perceptions in everyone, also referring to its own dimension of space and time. WAVE11, made up of almost 200 finely worked oxidized brass and copper sheets, represented of this the figurative sense in what Maurizio Galante describes as follows:Time and Energy are the fundamental factors in this experimental project, a project that tends to tell the transformation by fixing its moment ... what the Japanese call 'MU', a moment so close to nothing that it becomes everything. The work is then linked to water through the theme of the wave. An artistic creation with a strong golden accent and in open contrast with the colors of steel. Particular was also the emphasis given to the "exit" path from the gallery, with front frame LED lights and studied as in a photographic set. The installation wanted to resume the perspective sequence of the colonnade of the loggia in which it was exhibited, with a structure consisting of 8 consecutive portals of increasing size, through which the light filters in an emotional way, through luminous cuts of 2 cm. Also part of the new Metal-morphosis collection are the MAVI Calypso Tapestries by Işıl Çağatay: oxidations of copper and brass that are inspired by Mediterranean marine colors and cartographic maps of the planet. Blue or coppery streaks with pale yellow, green, blue, brown, brown inserts linked to the colors of the earth. These “canvases” accompanied the Planium stand sideways, exalting themselves with their bright colors especially after sunset.                                                                                                  Once I have determined the technique I apply, I let the slabs be free to naturally oxidize and only then do I intervene to highlight and interpret some points, some shapes and shades. It is always a discovery how to find objects at the bottom of the sea that become small treasures in the light of the sun.

  • Return to Cersaie with Nexion International

    Terenzi Srl with Planium renews a precious collaboration with an international partner in a special coaching. In an innovative exhibition booth, where flashes of decisive creativity emerge, the Planium flooring fits into the context with style and accuracy. It is Metal that presents ceramics once again, confirming the success of the previous edition.Nexion International is the only manufacturer of Italian Made in India design of sintered stone slabs in the highest segment of the country's ceramic industry. In order to be able to lay a temporary walkable space that can be repositioned over time with extreme speed, the contribution with Planium can only be renewed. Ideal for instantly covering large areas, Planium offers the variety and elegance of its metal finishes, illustrating in this enviroment the versatility and charm of CALAMINE. The surface of 160 m² is covered with Calamine plates in the 600x1200 mm format; these are rectangles of important dimensions that are positioned with the MG01 MAGNETIC Floor system. Speed and effectiveness are the main features of this cutting-edge laying, which represents the spearhead in the Planium offer. The attraction of the magnetic substrate allows a static support of the tile. For the entire duration of the event, the plates are firmly anchored to the underlying floor, after which each individual unit can be lifted and taken away. The support without the use of adhesives or silicones guarantees the total preservation of the pre-existing substrate and will allow the immediate removal of the slabs, once the exposure is complete. The use of the complete installation will therefore be infinite. The surface welcomes the transit and clients of all interested parties and customers of the brand, confirming the standards of sound absorption and comfort for the walkway for which Planium is now established. The 39th edition of the Exhibition recorded over 91,000 admissions and results one of the most visited trade fairs in the difficult period of recovery.

  • Castle of Brescia

    CALAMINE, a material obtained from the hot oxidation of a sheet of steel, is once again the protagonist of a PLANIUM project in which the Milanese brand has covered the floor of important rooms of the Castle of Brescia on the floor, a city declared Capital of Culture together with Bergamo in 2023. The impressive internal dimension of 600 m² was coated with this PLANIUM material which is configured with essentially dark shades, between gray and blue, with lighter streaks of red magenta or cold blue. It is precisely in the Great Mile that the supplied Calamine steel was laid on the floor (size of the slabs: 600x1200). This crucial space for the Museum consists of 3 naves and has a trapezoidal shape with two opposite sides of unequal length. The redevelopment of the Castle, which today also houses the Museum del Risorgimento and the Museum of Weapons, went through the Design Planning studio of the Technical Office of the Municipality, under the direction of the works of the Architect Patrizia Scamoni. The installation took place using the MG01 MAGNETIC Floor dry technology system, which allows magnetic installation and therefore confirms the absence of harmful substances and silicones. The attraction of the magnetic base allows for a static support of the tile. It also has the characteristic of preserving, if necessary, the pre-existing flooring which does not need to be dismantled: thus missed disposal of this will not generate other costs and collateral environmental problems. MG01 Magnetic Floor is one of the innovative systems of PLANIUM, which has designed several, and is among the fastest as regards the laying technique.


The Shadow Light line, designed by Maurizio Galante & Tal Lancman and made in each of its components by PLANIUM, is currently on display at the headquarters of Galerie Armel Soyer in Megève, a popular ski resort in France.


A specialized team will be able to study and realize ad hoc projects or work side by side in co-design to the client who wishes it.


Gran Design Australia dedicated an interesting article to the importance of the choice of materials. The resulting well-being influences your body and your mind! The Planium brand has always been close to important issues such as eco-sustainability and the recyclability of raw materials and production processes.



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