MG01 Magnetic


    The MG01 Magnetic Floor is an effective and fast installation system.

    The attractiveness of the magnetic base allows static support on the tiles.

    Exclusive metal finishes, natural or with design textures, exalt the metropolitan environments.

    Research and innovation combined with industrial know-how originate Planium surfaces, creating unique Floors and Wall coverings.

    All floor or wall Systems have an INNOVATIVE, FUNCTIONAL and RENEWABLE DESIGN. They allow fast dry installations, respecting the environment, with simple laying or with patented mechanical or one-click hooks between tile and tile, or also traditional installations with glue.

    Each tile is made of QUALITY materials. Their design was created to be functional, eco-friendly and sophisticated. Their millimeter thickness makes them lighter and easier to handle, even if they have a large size.



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  • MG01 Magnetic

    MG01 Magnetic

  • MG01 Magnetic

    MG01 Magnetic

  • MG01 Magnetic

    MG01 Magnetic

  • MG01 Magnetic

    MG01 Magnetic

  • Oakley and Ray-Ban

    In the heart of Milan and Turin for the Oakley areas and in Rome for the Ray-Ban exhibition, inside the Salmoiraghi & Viganò shooroom, MG01 Magnetic Floor was chosen, that goes well with the innovative and functional style of the renowned Oakley brand and the everlasting Ray-Ban design. The calamine tiles, in the 600x1,200 mm size, were laid quickly, thanks to the practical magnetic system that gives the name to our floor. The calamine nuance fades from the dark anthracite, to the lighter tones of a blue that hints at the cerulean and magenta, delimiting the exhibition space with character.

  • Astep ApS booth

    Euroluce is the biennial exhibition that presents the most cutting-edge solutions in the field of indoor and outdoor lighting. With the last edition, the 30th, the trade fair was confirmed as an international reference point of the sector. Astep, an Italian-Danish reality of absolute prestige, is among the best brands and designers of the trade show.Astep combines experience, the future-oriented perspective and the passion for lighting design that has been cultivated in the Sarfatti family for three generations with knowledge and an open mind in a continuous search for meaningful substance and design. In this world of splendid creations, Planium adds the ideal exhibition space. MG01 Magnetic Floor is the most effective installation system: the attraction of the magnetic substrate allows a static tile support.With a quick and essy installation, the plates of our flooring system are placed on the surface to be covered. The millimeter thickness allows to handle every single element with agility and precision. The exclusive Calamine finish enhances the space. The tones range from carchoal gray to blue, with fast copper flames. Each plate, size 620x2.480 mm for a total of about 100 square meters, is unique and unrepeatable, with the typical properties of hot-worked metal. In just a few hours, the perfect location can be set up to welcome clients and visitors. Planium provides immediately walkable floors, comfort and resistance to transit. To complete the elegant surface, profiles have been specially designed to finish the project. The tiles, at the end of the event, can be removed and assigned to a different location: their use and repositioning is infinite. Photo by Ivan Sarfatti. The Astep's lamps VV Cinquanta, Model 2065, Nox are produced by Terenzi Srl.  


Conference on the future of building, designing and the redeveloping the building and the plant. Do not miss this appointment.


A specialized team will be able to study and realize ad hoc projects or work side by side in co-design to the client who wishes it.


They say about us on Horeca International: "Research and innovation combined with industrial know-how originate the Planium surfaces. A catalog of finishes in exclusive metals: steels, copper, bronze, brass, calamine and contemporary electrochemical textures".



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