AC02 Stick-on

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  • AC02 Stick-on

    AC02 Stick-on

  • Museo del Novecento

    1,000 sqm divided into 15 rooms. A 360° experience that illustrates trends and contradictions, characters and movements. CALAMINA steel becomes ideal dark scenery, deep for the works of art. The chosen material exalts the essence and gives order to the environment. The intense note of the Calamine finish is elegant, versatile. The tiles were installed with PL01 INVISIBLE with one-click hooking. No footstep noise, thanks to the rubber base, maximum comfort during the museum walk even in case of considerable crowding. Planium also manufactured special pieces for the museum: panels and display walls, floor access ramps and foyer counter tops, informative totem surfaces and “sound showers” with laser technology cut, according to the specific project. The museum is an example of effective and virtuous design with a decidedly contemporary impression in the context of a prestigious historic building. The exhibition design characterizes the exhibition path as a suspended space, a reality other than the context. "Two volumes carved in calamine, from the inside colored to bright colors, transport the viewer inside the Museum, mediating the historical spatiality of the Hospital with the succession of rooms in the Museum. This seems to float on the historical space, superimposing its succession of dark and shiny geometries to the candid space of the building. The floor is a continuous mantle of metal that visually supports the exhibition, giving continuity and giving that typically twentieth-century character, that goes well with a collection that ranges from Vedova to Morandi, from Guttuso to De Chirico. The display panels, also in calamine, are configured as free partition walls of the same materiality of the support, from which they are born: they are fixed in relationship with the floor or the sides depending on vertical surfaces. they do not limit the works, but they try to put them in visual relation the one with the others, to create a visual correspondence between groups of works ... the effect of the metal surfaces creates a suspended, rarefied atmosphere, introduced and concluded by strongly colored elements ", ( Photo 1-8 by Pietro Savorelli.

  • Palazzo della Signoria

    Since 2014 the Ticket Office of Palazzo della Signoria in Florence has a new aesthetics. The CALAMINE slab coating is installed on the walls behind the desks with the AC02 STICK-ON system. Each lot of Calamine is unique in its chromatic nuances. In this case, the large dimensions of the plates reveal the darkened anthracite tones of blue. The foyer of the Roman Theater under Palazzo Vecchio and the new layout of the archaeological excavations were inaugurated shortly after the Planium installation.  Client Municipality of Florence - Technical Services Department Photo by Pietro Savorelli


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A specialized team will be able to study and realize ad hoc projects or work side by side in co-design to the client who wishes it.


They say about us on Horeca International: "Research and innovation combined with industrial know-how originate the Planium surfaces. A catalog of finishes in exclusive metals: steels, copper, bronze, brass, calamine and contemporary electrochemical textures".



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