SM02 Evolution


    SM02 Evolution Floor is technology and exclusivity.

    It offers metal finishes, resistant, durable, characterizing and reversible, with mechanical hooking, respecting the environment.

    Research and innovation combined with industrial know-how originate Planium surfaces, creating unique Floors and Wall coverings.

    All floor or wall Systems have an INNOVATIVE, FUNCTIONAL and RENEWABLE DESIGN. They allow fast dry installations, respecting the environment, with simple laying or with patented mechanical or one-click hooks between tile and tile, or also traditional installations with glue.

    Each tile is made of QUALITY materials. Their design was created to be functional, eco-friendly and sophisticated. Their millimeter thickness makes them lighter and easier to handle, even if they have a large size.



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  • SM02 Evolution

    SM02 Evolution

  • Tomasoni Topsailes Showroom S.p.A.

    Another prestigious showroom - the Italian company that was the exclusive licensee producer of the clothing brand North Sails - another Planium floor. In the space dedicated to sportswear CALAMINE and parquet come together, linking modern and classic. In the Calamine insert, special cuts, laser made at Planium headquarters, house step lights. Calamine also for the large entrance area, installed with the SM02 EVOLUTION system. The blue shades of this metal evoke the sea.

  • Edilcomes Superfici e Design

    Attention to new surfaces, materials and design: Edilcomes chooses SM02 EVOLUTION with CALAMINE finish. Dark metal plates, marbled with bluish and copper tones, make exclusive the wellness showroom dedicated to the bathroom furniture. The large size of the tiles, 600x1,200 mm, suits the great expositive open space.  

  • Espacio Aretha

    Espacio Aretha chose to employ and propose Planium with its flooring systems SM02 EVOLUTION and PL01 INVISIBLE, in size 600x1,200 mm and 1,200x1,200 mm. The systems feature metal finishes; the first one, in particular, highlights the detail of the angular screw, that gives an industrial touch to the surface. For its Head Office in Madrid, Espacio Aretha preferred metal, recyclable element, in stainless steel and calamine finishes. Brushed steel, with its brilliance, guarantees perfect adaptability to any setting. With its natural elegance, it makes neat and clean all the space. CALAMINE is the finish that you do not expect: shades of gray, blue, copper, each slab is unique and unrepeatable. With the surface treatment of the waxing liquid, its color becomes shiny and more homogeneous.  

  • Showroom Cerruti Baleri - Milano 2012

    In the heart of Milan, in the historic Via Cavallotti, Planium coated the floors of the renowned Cerruti Baleri showroom. CALAMINE was installed with SM02 EVOLUTION in a rectangular and large size, this was the choice of the Art Directors to highlight an exhibition path illustrating the best Italian design proposals. Photo by Andrea Martiradonna.

  • Interware Atelier - M. Galante & T. Lancman

    Planium provided the flooring and the coating for the staircase of the stunning Parisian Interware studio by Maurizio Galante and Tal Lancman. The finishing choice has been CALAMINE, laid with the removable SM02 EVOLUTION system. The elegance of the floor combines perfectly with the dynamic and creative context of the showroom. At the end of the installation the wax treatment has been applied and the coloring has become intense and homogeneous. The laying has been done in a very fluid and quick way and no odors or noises have been created; the working activity can continue without interruption or inconvenience.

  • Ceramiche Coem Temporary Work space

    BRUSHED SMOOTH STEEL is synonymous with infinite, luminous elegance. Resistant, practical, functional, suitable for any residential or working environment, the types of steel with which we work are stainless. One example is the choice of Coem Ceramiche to create the flooring of its Temporary Work Space in Fiorano with our SM02 EVOLUTION, brushed steel finish with pre-cut ad-hoc laser-sized plates and ready for fast installation.

  • Flagship Store Nike

    For the well-known NIKE brand, in the Flagship Store of Oxford Steet in London inaugurated in the summer of 2019, Planium has created a flooring of 1,100 square meters laid dry with a mechanical coupling on a washbasin. The installation system allowed a quick, functional, comfortable laying, with no harmful adhesives, immediately to be walked on. The tones of the Calamine slabs in square format, 600 x 600 mm, have been accentuated and highlighted by the protective surface treatment. On this dark background, sports clothing and accessories, innovative in design and technology, stand out by offering themselves to the customers of the store in an appealing way. The detail of the angular screw of the Planium installation system and the material of the slabs, for aesthetics and technology, act as a harmonious counterpoint to the concept "House of Innovation" established by NIKE for this London branch, but also New York, Shanghai... The Flaghship Stores will be not only shops for the sale of the brand's products but also a service hub (location for NIKE events, venues for the supply of tailor-made shoes for athletes and players sponsored by the brand).


Polimoda in Florence inaugurates the new headquarters in the Clock Building of the Manifattura Tabacchi ("Tobacco Factory").The choice to coat the floors with Planium Calamine was made in accordance with this idea...


A specialized team will be able to study and realize ad hoc projects or work side by side in co-design to the client who wishes it.


...The ceiling of the great hall is designed with 3000 three-dimensional metal waves in different shades of silver and gold, shaped by the italian company Planium Srl...



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