Lights on the Simes Spa Showroom

Planium System:  Custom Projects
Planium Materials:  Calamine
City:  Corte Franca (BS)
Year:  2021
Location:  Showroom and Training Room
Project:  Simes
Construction Supervision:  Simes
Photography:  Simes

    Planium returns to cover the surfaces of Simes Spa, the protagonist of Italian Lighting Design.

    The space in question is a place of extreme importance within the Brescia-based company: it is a large room dedicated to all training sessions, a showroom that exhibits all the latest innovations proposed. Meetings are indispensable for transmitting the culture of light and represent one of the founding areas in which Simes' mission takes shape. The showroom is the beating heart of activities that involve architects, planners, lighting designers, installers and who find inspiration and concrete answers to their needs in this space.

    The floors were the key to the restyling process: 1,200 raised modules with Calamine steel finish, in a splendid CUSTOMIZED solution. The dark surface of Calamine, in contrast with the concrete gray walls, helps to convey the image of an elegant, sophisticated and not at all obvious context. Black dampens the excessive glare that could result from the large amount of light hitting the flooring and the irregular texture that flows through the space accentuates its breadth and gives a feeling of modernity and uniqueness.

    One of the most important technical aspects that influenced the design choices was the possibility of maintaining the support structure of the existing raised floor (also provided by Planium) and of renewing the surfaces with overlapping 3 mm Calamine slabs, through a custom gluing process to the structural to the raised modules. This made it possible to guarantee the flexibility necessary to update the spaces over time. Simes lighting fixtures, in order to be installed, in fact require recesses inside the flooring. The possibility of being able to independently approach, lift and reposition each tile size 60 x 60 mm, gives the freedom to quickly change the configuration of the environment and install new product lines simply by replacing the single element.


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The Shadow Light line, designed by Maurizio Galante & Tal Lancman and made in each of its components by PLANIUM, is currently on display at the headquarters of Galerie Armel Soyer in Megève, a popular ski resort in France.


A specialized team will be able to study and realize ad hoc projects or work side by side in co-design to the client who wishes it.


Gran Design Australia dedicated an interesting article to the importance of the choice of materials. The resulting well-being influences your body and your mind! The Planium brand has always been close to important issues such as eco-sustainability and the recyclability of raw materials and production processes.



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