PL01 Invisible


    PL01 Invisible Floor is millimeter surface and elegance of materials.

    This patented system allows a quick, one-click, simple and renewable installation of varied metal finishes.

    Research and innovation combined with industrial know-how originate Planium surfaces, creating unique Floors and Wall coverings.

    All floor or wall Systems have an INNOVATIVE, FUNCTIONAL and RENEWABLE DESIGN. They allow fast dry installations, respecting the environment, with simple laying or with patented mechanical or one-click hooks between tile and tile, or also traditional installations with glue.

    Each tile is made of QUALITY materials. Their design was created to be functional, eco-friendly and sophisticated. Their millimeter thickness makes them lighter and easier to handle, even if they have a large size.



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  • PL01 Invisible

    PL01 Invisible

  • Roadhouse Lumen

    CUSTOM coatings by Planium and lights by Elementi di Luceplan, together in an emotional path, in Florence a few years ago, at the inauguration of the new Lumen showroom in Via San Niccolò, 47rosso. The space was created to house temporary events for lighting professionals. The CALAMINE steel of the flooring, with dark and deep tones, creates a "night" environment, ideal for the presentation of the new collection of architectural lighting of Elementi di Luceplan.  The story of light and shadow, deep in the cobalt blue glow of the atmosphere light and in the dark, vibrant tones of Calamine, enhances the technical heads and modular features of the luminaires and finds large flow and appreciation from the visitors.

  • Scuola Grande della Misericordia

    The restoration of the magnificent Great School of Santa Maria della Misericordia in Venice, organized by Arch. Alberto Torsello, ended in 2016. This jewel of Venetian architecture, priceless heritage of art and sumptuous palace, was an incredible setting for one of Planium's most innovative flooring systems: PL01 INVISIBLE. The finish in CALAMINE, in large format tiles, 1,200x1,200 mm was laid totally dry, thanks to the patented hook system. The nuances of this metal range from gray to blue, to oil color. Surface oxidation, accelerated by the lagoon climate, has made these dark tones warmer and more coppery. The obtained aesthetic result enhances the whole space. The uniqueness of Calamine echoes the uniqueness of the place. In the first month of opening to the public 21 thousand people visited the halls of the building, walking on the Planium floors. In the project of the restoration of the School the Arch. Torsello has predicted that "the floor should be in the first place the frame of all that is the historical stratification of the Palace". The targeted choice was, therefore, perfectly scaled with the history and aesthetics of Misericordia and respectful of the Sansovino form. The metal plates have given an industrial look to the floor which, with a thickness of 4 mm, is non-deformable, thus also suitable for the vast public transit and the intended use of the historic building. Calamine also has the peculiarity of "living in time", changing its appearance in terms of light, humidity and use. This material, during the time the site was being built, is then matured in such a way as to become the historical memory of the building site itself. The ground floor was deliberately laid six months before the start of the other restorations, so as to be the background of the entire construction site and to start to "acquire time".  

  • Museo del Novecento

    1,000 m² divided into 15 rooms. A 360° experience that illustrates trends and contradictions, characters and movements. CALAMINE steel becomes ideal dark scenery, deep for the works of art. The chosen material exalts the essence and gives order to the environment. The intense note of the Calamine finish is elegant, versatile. The tiles were installed with PL01 INVISIBLE with one-click hooking. No footstep noise, thanks to the rubber base, maximum comfort during the museum walk even in case of considerable crowding. Planium also manufactured special pieces for the museum: panels and display walls, floor access ramps and foyer counter tops, informative totem surfaces and “sound showers” with laser technology cut, according to the specific project. The museum is an example of effective and virtuous design with a decidedly contemporary impression in the context of a prestigious historic building. The exhibition design characterizes the exhibition path as a suspended space, a reality other than the context. "Two volumes carved in Calamine, from the inside colored to bright colors, transport the viewer inside the Museum, mediating the historical spatiality of the Hospital with the succession of rooms in the Museum. This seems to float on the historical space, superimposing its succession of dark and shiny geometries to the candid space of the building. The floor is a continuous mantle of metal that visually supports the exhibition, giving continuity and giving that typically twentieth-century character, that goes well with a collection that ranges from Vedova to Morandi, from Guttuso to De Chirico. The display panels, also in calamine, are configured as free partition walls of the same materiality of the support, from which they are born: they are fixed in relationship with the floor or the sides depending on vertical surfaces. They do not limit the works, but they try to put them in visual relation the one with the others, to create a visual correspondence between groups of works ... the effect of the metal surfaces creates a suspended, rarefied atmosphere, introduced and concluded by strongly colored elements ", (  

  • Simes Spa Showroom

    Once again Planium is partner of an extraordinary client, Simes Spa, with the realization of the flooring for its prestigious showroom: CALAMINE lay with PL01 INVISIBLE. Simes is Italian Lighting Design, precisely from Franciacorta, which extends around the world. Planium, actually also 100% Italian, is chosen for the conceptual similarities and proximity to the modern world, chasing innovation and design. The materials used always combine quality and modern technology, providing sustainable solutions that respect the environment; the beauty of the prestigious and elegant finishes is used to enhance any setting. In the showroom of Simes, lights, materials and contemporaneity can find placement and fulfillment, in a perfect harmony.

  • DASA

    We would like to reserve a particular framing to CALAMINE, the absolute protagonist of some of the many excellent museum scenarios made by Planium up to now. Planium coats countless historical spaces with Calamine, making them even more evocative, highlighting the artistic and cultural heritage that they hold and preserve. Towards the end of 2017, work began on increasing the exhibition space at the DASA in Dortmund, a museum dedicated to man, work, technology and innovation linked to these issues. The new exhibition area will illustrate the 'Future of Work'. Once again, Planium by Terenzi Srl was chosen to realize the floors in the hall. The Calamine finish, in dry laid tiles with the PL01 INVISIBLE system, with the over-sized 1,200x2,400 mm format, covers and enhances the environment. The innovation present in the dry laying system, reversible and one-click, the contemporaneousness of the Calamine finish, its recyclability, the industrial aesthetics it generates, perfectly integrate into the museum context.

  • Samsung

    Samsung for its IFA exhibition area has chosen our Planium flooring system, PL01 INVISIBLE. The IFA is one of the most important fairs in the world and one of the three most popular in Europe, with Mobile World Congress of Barcellona and CEBIT of Hannover. Founded in 1924, IFA is dedicated to consumer electronics; it takes place every year in Berlin between the end of August and the beginning of September. In CALAMINE finish, the modular plates with the 600x600 mm format of PL01 Invisible are totally reversible, therefore suitable to be used, as in this case, for exhibition booths. The reversibility is given by one-click hooks between tile and tile, easy to lock, in a quick dry installation, attentive to the future of the planet. The absence of glues and the recyclability of the Planium flooring materials are combined with the natural beauty of the surface finishes in a perfect combination.

  • Metal for Caimi Brevetti Spa

    PLANIUM surfaces cover various areas in the offices of Caimi Brevetti Spa. The company, founded in Brianza in 1949, already shows on its web page its closeness to the needs of its clients through intuition and creativity. With PLANIUM it therefore shares the drive towards the future in projects and ideas. To improve your spaces with effective solutions, which do not interrupt the dynamic production and experimental reality with their installation, Caimi Brevetti has chosen the loose-laying systems from our collection. Loose-laying is a flooring that is laid without the use of glues or silicones. Each plate can always be applied easily and removed or replaced just as quickly. The existing subfloor therefore does not have to be dismantled, but can be preserved for future use, for example. SM02 EVOLUTION Floor features the angular screw, an original feature with an industrial flavour. PL01 INVISIBLE Floor is a continuous surface, pure and simple in the overall vision. Both systems offer extreme comfort with every step. The STAINLESS STEEL finish in the 60x60 cm format ensures absolute resistance and hygiene. The EMBOSSED texture is certainly the most suitable for the transit of people and the passage of time; the years will never take away the charm and brilliance of this finish. The flooring gives great brightness to the entire environment: the color of the steel is ideal for any type of furniture or combination and is not affected by passing trends. To complete the choice of finishes, the client opted for dark elements in CALAMINE steel in the 60x120 cm size. Now known for its golden flames, which appear suddenly and differently on each plate, Calamine is a discovery every time. It enhances the scenery only with apparent and quiet elegance; it is alive in its essence and it is an unexpected flash in the imagination of the designers. PLANIUM is committed to sustainability: the metal used is recyclable and the loose-lay systems are by their nature sustainable and eco-friendly.


The Shadow Light line, designed by Maurizio Galante & Tal Lancman and made in each of its components by PLANIUM, is currently on display at the headquarters of Galerie Armel Soyer in Megève, a popular ski resort in France.


A specialized team will be able to study and realize ad hoc projects or work side by side in co-design to the client who wishes it.


Gran Design Australia dedicated an interesting article to the importance of the choice of materials. The resulting well-being influences your body and your mind! The Planium brand has always been close to important issues such as eco-sustainability and the recyclability of raw materials and production processes.



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