MR01 Modulo Radiante


    MR01 Radiant Modular Floor is comfort and eco-durability.

    The innovative raised with built-in hot/cold radiant system is designed to achieve high performances and low environmental consumption. Different types of finishing can be applied.

    Research and innovation combined with industrial know-how originate Planium surfaces, creating unique Floors and Wall coverings.

    All floor or wall Systems have an INNOVATIVE, FUNCTIONAL and RENEWABLE DESIGN. They allow fast dry installations, respecting the environment, with simple laying or with patented mechanical or one-click hooks between tile and tile, or also traditional installations with glue.

    Each tile is made of QUALITY materials. Their design was created to be functional, eco-friendly and sophisticated. Their millimeter thickness makes them lighter and easier to handle, even if they have a large size.



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  • MR01 Modulo Radiante

    MR01 Modulo Radiante

  • MR01 Modulo Radiante

    MR01 Modulo Radiante

  • MR01 Modulo Radiante

    MR01 Modulo Radiante

  • Sant'Andrea degli Scozzesi

    In the baroque Sant'Andrea degli Scozzesi, built starting from the end of the 16th century, with a single nave, our system MR01 MODULO RADIANTE, raised with a hot/cold water integrated system, was laid. All the metal finishes of our collections are easily applicable to the raised radiant floor with a removable and dry laying. With this union we made a perfect combination, the beauty of the surface to an optimal comfort of the environment. The air conditioning by irradiation eliminates air shifts, circulation of dust, blows of heat and cold, typical of traditional heating systems, and air dryness. MR01 operates at low temperature with lower energy demand leading to a reduction in operating costs of the plant. The irradiation from the bottom to the top also avoids the dispersion of heat, even in the presence of extremely high ceilings, such as that of the church. The structure of MR01 has also been designed to allow totally dry installations, sturdiness and punctual removability. The shape and the filler of the modules, as well as the load-bearing structure, have been designed to guarantee maximum resistance and soundproofing when walked on.


Polimoda in Florence inaugurates the new headquarters in the Clock Building of the Manifattura Tabacchi ("Tobacco Factory").The choice to coat the floors with Planium Calamine was made in accordance with this idea...


A specialized team will be able to study and realize ad hoc projects or work side by side in co-design to the client who wishes it.


...The ceiling of the great hall is designed with 3000 three-dimensional metal waves in different shades of silver and gold, shaped by the italian company Planium Srl...



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